Vice Chairperson of the Association (NACCAU)

Nuwa Wamala -Nnyanzi a celebrated, self-taught, Ugandan artist of international repute was born on October 28, 1952 in Uganda. His late father was a laboratory assistant and his mother is a retired midwife and nurse. Nnyanzi is married with two children. He attributes his talent and success to the Grace of God.

Nnyanzi’s works of art are in batik, pastel, acrylic, oil and water colors which are earthy, vibrant and reflective of the strong and sweet African sun. The lines of his works flow and turn with the fluency of an African drum. Looking at his art, one feels the vibrant life in an African setting. Nnyanzi started painting in 1978 while in exile in Nairobi, Kenya.

He has held many exhibits and slide\talk presentations in Africa, Europe, North America, Japan and Australia. In 1996 he had the privilege and honor of hosting among many other dignitaries, the late Ron Brown, who was Secretary of Commerce of United States of America, at his studio/gallery in Kampala, Uganda.

The King of Batik Painting

Although Nnyanzi works in many other media, he specializes in batik painting. Nnyanzi through extensive research and experimentation has managed to come up with a style where more than one dye can be applied to get tones and varied shades. The result of which is remarkable. After all the required dyes have been applied, the wax is removed by placing the batik between two absorbent pieces of paper and pressed with a very hot flat iron. The wax melts with the heat and is absorbed into the sheets of paper, leaving the batik crisp clean. The rugged edges of the images are retouched using black dye in a fountain pen. Nnyanzi’s works of art are executed in multi and mono hues. He intelligently and successfully manipulates the colors and shapes with such ease that leaves the viewer spell-bound.

Nnyanzi’s choice of titles for his pieces too, is a work of art in itself. The titles are as descriptive and reflective as they are poetic, which makes them an integral part of the art itself. Nnyanzi’s concern for humanity and cultural values manifests itself vividly in his art, which successfully captures and depicts the emotions and movements of human beings.

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