Five gift ideas for 2020

It’s officially that time of the year, the beginning of the year where your friends, family, and workmates have sent wonderful gifts to you. You are excited about the precious items you have received but very confused about what kind of gifts you will send your friends.

It’s Ok for you not to reciprocate with a gift, however, if you are the kind that cares about relationship building and strengthening, than you should be thinking of gifts to offer. I understand the hustle that comes with shopping gifts for friends and if you are tired of racking your brain just to determine what gifts to buy, here is a list of five gifts you would buy.

Wall Art

If you are looking for a gift to inspire your favorite person, consider buying a wall painting for them. A wall painting would be ideal for people with decent homes and have empty walls. While selecting a wall painting, consider the person’s personality and the kind of colors they love.

A gift should be loved and appreciated. Do not choose a painting because you love it, consider the person you are gifting.

Traditionally the wall paintings were done on canvas and batik, however, artists are becoming more creative with there work and are manipulating the material to come up with unique paintings, At the NACCAU crafts village, you will find paintings on Back cloth ( Lubugo) paintings done with Banana fiber all beautifully made.

Walking stick
There are two kinds of walking sticks being sold in the NACCAU crafts village. One made out of Ebony and the other out of wood.

The ebony stick is pretty expensive compared to other wooden sticks but more durable than the others. If you have an elderly friend or relative, the walking stick would be an ideal gift for them.

While buying this stick, consider the handle shapes.

Kitchen Items
The Ugandan master craft women make beautiful patched oven gloves, Aprons, and Tablemats in colorful patterns. These would be ideal for a friend getting married!
I once sent a set of these to a friend as a gift for her wedding, she wrote back to me saying

‘I feel like a professional cook’

Both the gloves and table mats are cushioned to protect you from the heat. Consider your friends’ body size while purchasing the apron. The aprons come in different sizes.


That friend who changes bags every day is a bag Fanatic. The NACCAU crafts village has unique bag options you can choose from to gift.

Cross bags would do be a perfect gift for a teenager or an early and mid-twenties lady, Clatch bags are ideal for a classy wife and mother, and a handbag for a corporate woman in your life!

African shirt.
In today’s fashion trend, every man should own African shirt wether in Kikooyi or Kitenge fabric. If you have an elderly man in your life, these shirts would wow them as a gift. African shirts are meant to be worn free size so worry not about the person’s size as you shop!

Would you like to share experience regarding the kind of gifts you have shopped this year and the feedback? Let’s get the conversation going in comments.


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