National Arts and Cultural Crafts Association of Uganda (NACCAU) was established in 2003 to promote, preserve and transform Uganda’s Tourism industry and traditional culture through partnering with producers of and dealers in visual arts and crafts. NACCAU buys products from member producers and sells them domestically and internationally at their National Arts and Crafts Village located next to the National Theatre on plot 4/6 Dewinton road. By so doing, the association advertises and promotes Uganda’s rich cultural heritage while at the same time empowering economically its members and other stakeholders among whom are disadvantaged people.


Our cultural Heritage is our foundation and inspiration through which we promote, preserve and transform Uganda’s visual arts industry into a vibrant sector for education, employment and poverty alleviation.


  • To search for local and international markets and marketing skills for Uganda’s visual arts and handcrafts.
  • To engage in internal and external exhibitions and fairs through showcasing visual arts and crafts , as a way of advertising Uganda’s traditions and culture.
  • To strengthen artistic business skills and encourage innovation and creativity  modernizing traditional production system to meet market demand.. This is done through training and sensitizing master crafts producers as well as the young talented people with interest in the visual arts industry.
  • Document visual arts and crafts and disseminate the generated data to members, stakeholders, ministries and other bodies ie interested industries in the sector.
  •  Create linkages and network with stakeholders, collaborators, visula arts and crafts practitioners and dealers through information technology and study tours.
  • Lobby and advocate for the visual arts and crafts to be recognized and supported by the government and to be included in the mainstream economic planning structures of government.